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Magnetic Wallcovering Questions

Welcome to the FAQs for our Smart Magnetic Wallpaper. Below we have outlined the answers to the most commonly asked questions.


Smart Magnetic Wallpaper can be applied by professional and non-professional users. It is applied just like any other commercial wallcovering, using a heavy duty ready-mixed adhesive. You must use a heavy-duty adhesive.

Please ensure you have read our the Application Guide below, before beginning the installation.

Application Guide

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Smart Magnetic Wallcovering creates a magnetic surface.

Magnetic surfaces are typically used for planning, project management, meetings, presenting information at a glance, and for information that is updated regularly e.g. sales charts, project updates, schedules and rotas.

For best results, we recommend using neodymium or rare earth magnets only.

Q: Can Smart Magnetic Wallpaper be applied on any surface?
A: Smart Magnetic Wallpaper is designed to be applied to any reasonably smooth surface. It can also be applied to curved surfaces.
Ensure any loose material from previous coatings or wallcoverings have been removed.

Q: What should I use to apply Smart Magnetic Wallpaper?
A: You must use a heavy-duty ready mixed wallpaper adhesive. Use a roller to apply the adhesive to the wall. Apply two good coats. Additional adhesive may be required at the edges.

Q: What direction should I hang the wallcovering?
A: Smart Magnetic Wallpaper can be hung horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference. If you only wish to cover a portion of the wall, we recommend hanging horizontally, beginning half a metre off the floor.

Q: How do I minimize joints/seams?
A: Butt the joints, or overlap and double cut through both layers with a sharp blade.

Q: How can I fix a poor joint or seam?
A: Fill a poor joint or seam with normal decorators filler. Allow to dry. Sand smooth and apply a primer to the filler.

Q: How do I remove the wallpaper?
A: Simply remove like any other commercial wallcovering.

Q: What can I put on top of magnetic wallcovering?
A: You can apply most commercially available finishes on top, such as normal paints or wallcoverings.

Q: What type of magnets can be used with Smart Magnetic Wallcovering?
A: Use Smart Neo Magnets or any good quality neodymium magnets for best results.


Q: What colours are available?
A: Smart Magnetic Wallpaper is available in a primed white finish only.

Q: What size does this product come in?
A: Smart Magnetic Wallpaper is available in one size only which covers an area of 10m² /107ft².

Q: What is the weight of this product?
A: A 10m² /107ft² roll weights approximately 15kg

Q: Do I need to wear personal protective equipment?
A: Gloves should be used when applying Smart Magnetic Wallpaper.

Full health & safety guidelines are printed on the label of every Smarter Surfaces™ product. Please read these before application.

We also advise reading the safety instructions supplied with your ready-mixed adhesive.

We are confident that the products we sell are durable and provide optimal performance. To give you that confidence as well, our products are backed by guarantees.

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