Smarter Surfaces

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Q: Do I need to wear personal protective equipment?

A:  Gloves should be used when applying all Smarter Surfaces products. In addition, safety glasses should be worn. As with any painting or plastering process, ensure the room is ventilated.

Full health & safety guidelines are printed on the label of every Smarter Surfaces product. Please read these before application.  

Q: Does Smart Magnetic Plaster affect WIFI signals?
A: No, WIFI works as normal. Smart Magnetic Plaster does not interfere with electrical signals.

Q: Does Smart Magnetic Plaster affect pacemakers?
A: No, pacemakers will work as normal since the particles in the plaster attract magnets and do not possess magnetic qualities.

Q: Can I apply magnetic plaster around heaters?
A: Yes, Smart Magnetic Plaster works as usual when situated near heaters.