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Cleaning Your Surface

Your Smart Wall Paint surface can be wiped clean with a microfibre eraser cloth or a regular dry or slightly damp cloth. For easier cleaning, you can also use any standard whiteboard cleaning spray. For tough or stubborn marks, we recommend customers use our Smart Pro Cleaner.

Q: There are ‘shadows’ or large areas of marks on my surface, what can cause this?
A: This is likely due to either improper application or the paint has been stretched. The Smart Wall Paint application guide must be followed for all applications. The paint is formulated specifically to cover the area specified on the kit and cannot be stretched to cover an area greater than we recommend.

We recommend you try our Smart Pro Cleaner on troublesome areas of your surface. If you would like advice on any issue, please email a picture of the affected area, along with your order number and total surface size (in square meters) to