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Q: Are there different colours?
A: Smart Wall Paint is available in a White finish and a Clear finish. Smart Wall Paint can be applied over almost any smooth surface, as long as the surface is smooth and primed/sealed beforehand.


Q: Are there different sizes ?
A: Smart Wall Paint is available in 3 kit sizes, each of which cover different coverage areas for your write-on wipe-off surface. The 6m2 (65 sq ft) kit is our most popular product. The 34m2 (366 sq ft) kit is suitable for contractors and painters who are coating entire rooms or buildings e.g. schools, universities and businesses in Smart Wall Paint.


Q: Do I need a special roller?
A: Yes, each kit is supplied with a roller designed for use with Smart Wall Paint. Alternatively use a foam roller,  you can use a mohair roller once you remove theexcess lint and fiber by wrapping the roller in sellotape and removing it.