Smarter Surfaces

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How to Use

Smart Wall Paint can be used for business, education and home. Write-on and wipe-off at any time using  any whiteboard markers and an eraser cloth.  An application guide is included in each of our kits and can be viewed using the links in how to apply section.

Smart Wall Paint can be used on almost any smooth surface that has been primed/sealed where necessary. For more inspiration on how to use Smart Wall Paint, please look at the creative ideas section in each of our Business, Education and Home pages on our website.


Using Projection equipment with Smart Wall Paint: 


Smart Wall Paint’s primary function is as a dry erase surface. It was not specifically designed to be used as a projector surface although many of our customers use their Smart Wall Paint for this purpose also. Smart Wall Paint works well with short throw projectors and desktop projectors provided they are used at an angle. 


To reduce projector glare and avoid “hotspots”, angle your projector so it is not pointed directly at the surface.Smart Wall Paint does not work well with High Resolution Commercial Grade projectors and projectors angled directly at the surface. 


If you require a high performance projector surface we recommend using Smart Projector Paint.