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Priming and Sealing

Before applying Smart Wall Paint it is important to note that under certain circumstances and on certain surface types, it is necessary to prime or seal your surface first using either our Smart Wall Paint White Primer or our Smart Wall Paint Clear Sealer. Alternatively any good quality water based white primer can be used in place of our own white primer.

Smart Wall Paint White works best when applied over a white surface, it is essential to use a white primer before applying Smart Wall Paint white.  Smart Wall Paint Clear can be applied over any colour.  For best results use Smart Wall Paint White over a white surface. In some cases Smart Wall Paint Clear may "wet" and slightly chance the colour of a white surface.  


For when to apply white primer or clear sealer please refer to the below chart or consult the application guides in the how to apply section. For a full size version of the chart click here.


Smart Wall Paint Application Process  (1).jpg

Q: Can I use a magnetic primer?
A: Yes, we recommend using our Magnetic Primer. It is available from our website.

Q: Can I paint over magnetic primers?
A: Yes. If your magnetic surface is a good quality, then applying Smart Wall Paint will be fine.  If the surface is a colour other than white, you will need to apply a white water based primer prior to applying Smart Wall Paint.