Chalkboard Surfaces: How To Keep Them Dust Free

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Following on from our recent post on “How to Convert a Chalkboard to a Whiteboard, our product gurus came up with a pretty cool idea that we really wanted to share.

So you love your chalkboard and it’s black finish but you really really don’t like the dust ?

Here is a way to keep your chalkboard’s look and feel, but eliminate dust completely !

It’s really simple, here goes :

Step One : Clean the Chalkboard Surface

Clean your chalkboard thoroughly with water to remove all dust residue. Just use a damp cloth rather than immersing it in water.

Clean thoroughly.  

Wait until the surface is completely dry.

Step Two : Restore The Chalkboard Surface

If your chalkboard is damaged, apply 2 coats of our Smart Blackboard Paint to restore it to its former glory, before proceeding to the next step.

Step Three : Add Whiteboard Paint to Your Surface

So now we have a clean, blackboard or chalkboard surface. It is really nice to look at and really useful too. But lets add just one extra product to truly transform a simple and traditional writing surface that we all know and love to an even better version of itself.

Apply one coat of transparent whiteboard paint on top of your chalkboard.

Our award-winning whiteboard paint ‘Smart Wall Paint’ comes in two finishes : white for traditionalists and clear for modernists.

Clear whiteboard paint is a really innovative product that has been a huge hit with industry sectors that work collaboratively such as software, online, marketing and design. It gives you a dry erase surface in any colour.

So far we have seen dry erase surfaces in orange, green, blue, pink and purple – so why not black ?

Hey presto – now you have a black dry erase surface – and no more dust.

Simply order white dry erase markers to use on your new black dry erase surface.

Please note Smart Blackboard Paint covers 4m² or 43 sq. feet with two coats. Smart Wall Paint Clear comes in kits which provide coverage for areas of 2m², 6m², 12m², 18m² (21 / 65  / 129 / 193 sq. feet).

A great surface, in retro black, with no more dust. You are welcome!

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